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Kids Mood Plus
All Natural Mood & Focus Support for Kids

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For Radiant and Firm Skin with Natural Collagen Boosting Spray and Serum
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Most Loved and Customer Recommended Products

$35.95 $51.95
Total saving TODAY $16 !


A specially crafted supplement to support the emotional well-being and mental clarity of children and teens.

With Natural Ingredients like SAFFRON, HOLY BASIL AND ROSEMARY.

  • Calmness and Focus inducing
  • Helps to regulate Stress
  • Positive Outlook
  • Help regulate stress level
  • In convenient individual packed powder sachets

Happy Juice Pack Mango

$119.95 $142.95
Total Saving TODAY $23 !

Unleash Resilience, Energy & Motivation with Happy Juice Pack in a delicious Mango flavor for the first time!

  • Comprehensive gut nutrition for stress resilience.*
  • Enhanced, plant-based nootropic for energy and motivation.*
  • Probiotics targeted for emotional wellness.*
  • Prebiotics: fibers targeted for gut nourishment.
  • Phytobiotics: polyphenols targeted for optimized gut-brain axis (GBX) signaling.
  • Mango Leaf supports mental flow.


$24.95 $38.95
Total Saving TODAY $14 !

KIDS CALM Gummies have arrived!

Say GoodBye to Bed-time struggles!

Now you can welcome the peaceful night for the whole family with Kid calm.

  • These natural plant-derived gummies are packed with Vitamin B12, B16 D3 maintains mood regulation and promotes restful sleep.
  • They encourage body to produce its own Melatonin to have a deep, restful sleep
  • Wake up refreshed with zero grogginess!
  • Sweetened with blueberries juice.
  • No added sugar or gelatin. Soy-Free, Dairy-Free.
  • Non-GMO Gluten Free


$136.95 $163.95
Total Saving TODAY $27 !

The World’s First Award-winning Gut-Brain Axis Nutrition  

  • Harnessing the power of nature and science
  • Boost your mood, conquer stress
  • Sharpen Focus
  • Whole-Body Wellbeing
  • MentaBiotics – GUT Support
  • MentaFocus – BRAIN Support
  • MentaSync – AXIS Support

Our Products

Nutrition for Kids and Teens

Children require products that boost mental and physical development. Amare’s Kids Pack offers a complete nutrition system for children and teenagers, containing all three signature kids’ products.


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Finally a company with integrity that addresses mental well-being from the gut-brain axis standpoint! Excellent clinical trials and technical data to support how our mental wellness is related to so much more than our brains...the gut! This will be a national conversation soon enough! Amazing company!


Love the mental focus I get from Amare Energy+. I have a lot going on in my life and with Energy+ I have noticed that flipping from task to task has been so much easier because of the clarity that I have now. It's Amazing!!!

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I am so happy with the way I feel with Amare’s FundaMentals. Life has always been a struggle for me. Always felt like I couldn’t quite keep up. Now I am ready to face each day with a renewed sense of purpose. I think everyone who doesn’t feel quite right should give Amare a try.


Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company, is the first direct sales company to focus on improving the quality of our lives through addressing the gut-brain axis. These products have been expertly formulated to be safe, effective, and innovative. Amare is a beautiful company with an important mission, to bring natural solutions for stress, gut health, improved focus, and better energy to the world.

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For years I have made protein drinks for my husband and I. Some had a grainy texture. Some had a metallic flavor. None were as creamy and flavorful as Amare’s GBX Protein powder. It mixes well and tastes great with juices, almond or coconut milk, with or without fruit. Extra bonus, it’s good for our gut!


We use the Kids FundaMentals as one of the foundation pieces for supporting my son’s mental wellness. We use Kids FundaMentals along with healthy diet and good sleep to ready our child’s brain and body for every day and help his gut/brain connection. Since we added Kids FundaMentals, we have seen steady progress both academically and socially. He is happy and thriving! We could not be happier with his progress.

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